A - Folder Game



Children will recognize the same beginning sounds.

Children will identify words that start with the letter A.

Children will identify words that begin with the sound of short A.

Children will identity words that begin with the sound of long A.


A for Apple Picking

What you need:
A for Apple Picking printables
Red craft paper
A for Apple Picking Game Cover Sheet printable
Two-pocket folder

Making the folder game:
1. Print picture, letter picture circles, and basket patterns on heavy printing paper.
2. Glue circles on to red craft paper and cut out. Laminate if desired.
3. Cut out basket card and basket top and laminate.
4. Attach basket top to basket card with glue and stapler.
5. Glue cover picture to the front of the folder and laminate if desired.
6. Put apple circles in a plastic baggie and place with basket cards in the folder pockets.

Tell children that you will say some words that begin with the sound of the letter A and some that do not. Ask children to show the ASL sign for the letter A (or clap, stomp, etc.) if they hear the sound at the beginning of the word. (You can decide if you want to focus only on the short or long A sound.)

Say the following words to children:
Apple, ant, dog, alligator and apron, ape, frog, acorn.

Make sure that you allow enough time between words for children to respond.

Game Instructions:
Place apple circles face down on the floor or table. Have children take turns flipping over the red circles (apples) one at a time. If the apple picture starts with the letter A or shows the letter A, the child can place the apple in the basket labeled with the letter Aa. If the picture name doesn't start with the letter A, the apple gets discarded into the basket without a label. The player with the most apples in his/her basket wins the game.

Print out the Find Pictures Worksheet and encourage children to find and cut out the pictures whose names begin with the same letter and paste them on the page. This would be a great activity to send home together with a parent newsletter introducing the letter of the week.