See the Letter



Children will understand that letters have distinct shapes and names.

Children will be able to recognize and name the letters of the alphabet.

Children will recognize that capital letters are different from small letters.

Children will identify the lowercase and uppercase letters of the alphabet.

Children will learn the ABCs.


More ABC Letters Activities and Ideas

Newspaper and Magazine Search
Provide children with newspapers and magazines and let them cut out the focus letter. Let children create a MY ABC Letters booklet.

ABC Bottles
Fill a clear plastic bottle with rice and alphabet letters or beads. Let children move the bottle to discover the hidden letters. Let them record the names of the letters they find.

Play Alphabet Bingo

Magnetic Letters and Alphabet Letters
Let children play with magnetic, plastic, or wooden letters. Let them use the letters to stamp and create words.

Read the book with children. Glue a picture of a coconut tree on a magnetic cookie sheet. Let children re-tell the story by using magnetic letters.

Letter Matching Puzzle
Let children match the lowercase letters to the uppercase letters. You can find a variety of fun ABC Folder Games on

ABC Books and Songs
Read a variety of alphabet books and sing the ABC song together.


Letter Matching Game

Have children sort the letter cards. Sort by uppercase and lowercase letters. Match lowercase and uppercase letters.

Play a Letter Memory Game
Place focus letter cards or mix up different letter cards face up on the table. Taking turns, each player flips over two cards. If the cards match (lowercase and uppercase letter), the player may keep the cards and gets another turn. If the cards don’t match, the player needs to turn over the cards.

Fish for letters
Cut out letter cards and attach a small magnet. Make a fishing rod and attach a magnet to the line. Let children fish for letters.

Word Wall

Place word wall cards in your reading center. Let children point to the focus letter with a pointer.

Variation: Place word wall printout inside a clear sheet protector sleeve and let children circle the lower and uppercase letter of the focus letter.

Letter Fun Worksheets and Coloring Page

Children will have fun finding the focus letter with our Letter Fun puzzles and worksheets or tracing and coloring the focus letter on the coloring page.