Writing the Letter—Introduction

The following examples are for the letter A. Adjust for all other letters of the alphabet.

Display the letter poster. Point to the lowercase letter.
This is how we write the small letter A. Do you remember which sound the letter A makes?
Let children make the sound. 

Point to the uppercase letter.
This is the capital letter A. This is how we write the large letter A. We use capital letters to begin names of people or places and at the beginning of sentences.

Ask children if they know anyone whose name begins with the letter A and the sound the letter makes (/?/) (make letter sound).

Place a word wall picture for the letter A on the wall. Point to word.
This is how we write the word "ant." 
Point to the letter a at the beginning of the word. 
This is how we write the sound (/?/) at the beginning of the word "ant."