A - Apple

Book Suggestion:
Apple Picking Time (Dragonfly Books) by Michele B. Slawson

Description: When the apples are ready for harvesting, Anna’s family, as well as the entire town, sets out for the orchard to pick apples. This year Anna is determined to pick enough apples to fill an entire bin, a goal that she has yet to attain.

Apple Tree Artwork

What you need:
Red paint
Green paint
Brown craft paper
White craft paper
Green craft paper
Wine cork

What you do:
Tear a strip of green craft paper and glue it to the bottom of a piece of white craft paper. Tear a strip of brown craft paper for the trunk and glue to the picture. Pour a small amount of green paint into a flat, plastic dish. Have children use their index finger to make fingerprints for the tree’s leaves. Let dry. For the apples, add a small amount of red paint into the dish and use a cork to stamp apples onto the picture.

Play the A for Apple Picking Folder Game (see folder game section).