Letter Aa Book

Letter Aa Book

Read the Letter Aa Book with your children.

Online Letter Book
Look at the letter book together with children. Point to an image and ask,
What is this object called?

Let children respond and then click on the picture and ask,

What is the first letter of this picture's name?

Let children click on the letter to hear the sound. Make the sound together. Continue to the next page.

Printable Letter Book
Print out all letter booklet pages and assemble booklet. Look at the title page together with children and ask,
What do you think this book is about?

Turn to the first page and point to the image and ask,

Do you know what this object is called?

Let children respond and ask,

What is the first letter of this object's name?

Let children point to the letter and name the letter and say,

Yes, "apple" (name of the picture) starts with the letter A. Can you hear the sound of the letter A? /?/ as in "apple."

Make the sound together. Continue to the next page.

To focus on the letter sound, sing the following song and replace the word "apple" with the picture word on each page.

(Tune: Farmer in the Dell)

Apple starts with /?/
Apple starts with /?/
/?/, /?/ can you hear
Apple starts with /?/

Pass out copies of the book and allow children to follow along as the book is reread. Place a few copies of the book in the room for children to look through and read on their own or in pairs.

Print b/w version of the booklet and let children color the pages. Assemble booklet and let children share the booklet with their families.