Letter Flashcards

Letter Flashcards

Print flashcards on heavy printing paper and laminate for extra strength.

Look at the letter poster or letter flashcards together with children. Point to a picture and ask
What is the name of this picture? 
Say the name of the picture, emphasizing its beginning sound. Ask children to listen carefully to the beginning sound of the word as you say it, and then have them repeat the word.

Write the word on the board, on a sentence strip, or on the back of the flashcard.
What is the name of the first letter of this word?
Continue until all flashcards have been identified. Encourage children to think of other words that begin with the letter. Write each word on the board.

Alphabet Book
Let children choose the pictures to use in their alpabet book.

Interactive Reading Wall
Write the names of the pictures on the back of each flashcard or on sentence strips and use at the interactive writing wall.

Matching Game
Make a matching game. Print two copies of the picture cards and laminate for extra strength. Place cards face down on the table and let children find the matching pairs. Let them name the item on the card after they have turned over the card.

Short and Long A Sound 
Use picture cards to let children sort the pictures with the short or long A sound. Discuss the two different sounds with children and look at a picture of each sound. Say the word for the picture together and emphasize the sound. Place the two pictures on the table. Then have children sort the pictures into two piles according to their short and long sounds.