Letter Folder Game

Letter Folder Game

Print Letter Folder Game and prepare game (see letter folder game pdf).

The goal of the game is to identify and collect the pictures whose names begin with the same letter. The child who completes his/her game board first is the winner.

Tell children that you will say some words that begin with the sounds of the letter A and some that do not. Ask children to show the ASL sign for the letter A (or clap, stomp, etc.) if they hear the sound at the beginning of the word.

Say the following words:
apple, ant, dog, alligator and apron, ape, frog, acorn.
Make sure that you allow enough time between words for children to respond.

Print out the Find Pictures Worksheet and encourage children to find and cut out the pictures whose name begins with the same letter and paste them on the page. This would be a great activity to send home together with a parent newsletter introducing the the letter of the week.